WMI Course Reserves Policy

Plagiarized from UHWO Library site:

Faculty can place materials on both hard copy and electronic reserves at the WMI Library for educational and non-commercial use by students.

The WMI Library maintains copyright compliance by adhering to the U.S. Copyright Act, Section 107 and 108, which provides guidelines for educational institutions and libraries. The WMI Library nor its staff claim to be the copyright experts on campus, nor do we provide any interpretations of copyright law. We do pledge, however, to provide the best support possible in making accessible books, articles and other materials to your students while fulfilling our moral and legal obligations with respect to the use of copyrighted materials in the non-profit, educational arena. Additionally, the WMI Library encourages faculty and instructors to review the University of HawaiʻI Copyright Guidelines which provides further guidance in ensuring copyright compliance.

Hard-copy Reserves
Materials such as books, DVDs and videos will be placed on reserve behind the Circulation Desk for specified periods of time determined by the instructor. Contact the library for more info at wmilibrary [at] gmail [dot] com.

Electronic Reserves
Electronic Documents can be placed on LiveText and attached to specific classes. Contact the librarian or IT specialist if you need help posting course reserve documents.

Electronic Course Reserve Formats
Here are some guidelines maybe:
  • No more than 15 copyrighted items per course
  • All photocopied material must include a title page, or source information
  • Student’s written permission must be obtained to place their work on reserve
  • Lecture notes or exams must be your own and not those of another instructor or faculty member

Faculty may place the following items on electronic reserve:

  • One photocopied article per journal issue
  • One photocopied chapter per book
  • Word Processing Documents
  • PDF documents

For content available online, library staff will directly link to the article in the particular database, rather than scanning a copy of the article.

Faculty may NOT place the following items on electronic reserve:

  • Multiple scanned chapters from a single book
  • Multiple scanned articles from a single journal issue
  • Student work without student permission